Environment Sector


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Our Acknowledgement

In recognition of all land, air, water, our human and non-human relations, and our sacred planet earth:

In honor, reverence, and gratitude, we come to you as kin, remembering the sacred relationship between us, remembering we are interdependent. 

In honor, reverence and gratitude for all indigenous peoples and ancestors who have stewarded this land before us, we pledge to live in reciprocity with this living land; devoted to harmony past, present, and future generations.

In healing ourselves, we heal our world.

Our Vision

To witness healing of the Earth and all her environments by bringing others together to work towards this common goal for humanity and the more-than-human world so all may thrive.


Our Mission

To live in harmony and stewardship with all beings on Earth. We heal suffering through compassion by treating ourselves, each other, and the natural world with dignity and respect, manifesting the Golden Rule in all relationships.


1. To offer educational and hands-on opportunities that inspire greater compassionate action on behalf of all beings - human and nonhuman.

2. To promote and nurture the nature-human interconnection.

3. To engage sector partners and the global public in initiatives that work toward greater sustainability of the planet.

4. To feature the work of smaller-scale, vital environmental projects worldwide.


We recognize that there are myriad projects that support a healthy global environment. We care about them all.  Our Sector is eager to apply a hands-on approach, and so we have narrowed our short-term focus to specifically address these four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: #6, #12, #13, and #15.      

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