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    Ashoka is known for its relentless insistence on finding people with afundamentally new vision of what is possible in the world. Since 1981, they’ve found and supported more than 3,100 leading social entrepreneurs in over 80 countries around the world: men and women with powerful new solutions to today’s most difficult challenges, who possess the skills and the drive to create entirely new patterns in their fields—from education to health to the environment. Today, we're working to shape what we call an Everyone a Changemaker world: one in which people of every age are equipped with agency and with the empathyteamwork, and leadership skillsthey need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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    Ashoka’s Changemaker Schools Networkis a national (and soon-to-be international) community of leading elementary/primary schools working to ensure that all children receive a changemaker education by developing practices to teach empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving ("changemaking skills"), sharing their experiences with others, and advocating for the importance of a changemaker education. Schools in this network benefit from exchanges of best practices and opportunities to collaborate with Ashoka Fellows and partners.

    Location: Arlington, VA, USA

  • Booster Lab

    …qui s’atrophie si on ne le développe pas, ou qui devient une machine de guerre rapide et incisive lorsqu’on l’entraîne.

    11401181 447769612049686 7775444428728255404 nLes trainings Booster Lab sont là pour ça, comme des piqûres de rappel, pour vous permettre de vous entraîner sans craindre l’échec. Faciles à planifier, ces rendez-vous créatifs peuvent avoir lieu un après-midi chaque mois, chaque trimestre ou chaque semestre.

    Booster Lab trainings are here for, like booster shots, to allow you to practice without fear of failure. Easy to plan, these creative appointments can take place one afternoon every month, every quarter or every six months.

    Our skills with creativity process helps organizations, individuals to connect each other with their creativity and to observe more efficiently what really matters. It concerns all kinds of organizations.

  • Culture of Values


    Tools for teaching and learning how to improve relationships at home, school, work and play

    1509307 745648988885619 1071877340184992033 nCulture of Values breaks through complex critical thinking in it’s simplicity. It is a model of implementation that will create patterns for value-based living and learning. Children are not complex, adults are. These programs support the adult community while benefiting the children at the same time. These programs are designed for teachers and administrators to implement and while implementing, the information is becoming a more personal experience. No learning curves. It is a structure of learning patterns to model citizen behavior that is connected to universal values. The great feature of starting with this foundation is that later the complex learning systems become easier. Values connect humanity to their meaning and purpose. Once personal definitions are formed, empathy for others values is natural and organic.

    Culture of Values offers educational value-based programs that are designed to assist with the integration of values. Program learning that is easy and fun, and an organic system for creating*green behavior!

    Integration programs include:

    • yearly calendar of values to follow for easy integration,
    • setting goals for creating a community and social culture for learning support
    • Teacher’s agendas and personal workbooks for simple integration and value definition development
    • vocabulary building
    • discussion topics for listening and dialogue skill building (designed for organic honesty & empathy)
    • community building ideas

    These learning techniques encourage new and natural habits that increase connection and decrease emotional reactions and outbursts. They will increase an understanding of reactions and emotions without the need for labels, shame and self-blaming.

    The focus on defining values enhances your current curriculum and is a model designed for easy integration into your school and classroom plans. This system will get you started, complement what you have already begun and support families involvement from home.

    These programs support teachers to introduce universal values with the support of the school community by increasing connection and involvement. It links what the teacher is already doing in the classroom adding meaning and integration that expands out to include the school and family.

    Location: Victoria, BC, Canada



  • FRISS Literacy Foundation

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    FRISS Literacy Foundation (FLF) is a non-governmental organization which aims at tackling the disadvantages of some indigenous Ghanaian children in rural-urban communities in Ghana.

    The foundation provides specially chosen books to these indigenous children in rural urban communities to help them enjoy the same educational privileges, and social opportunities as others in developed communities.

    We believe that a young child's experiences can greatly improve through enjoyable and positive engagement with books and other literacy materials.

    Developing indigenous people to their maximum potential is one of the most important goals for today's society. That is why FLF programmes are more relevant than ever. Everyone should support these programmes to groom our future generation.

    Accra, Ghana
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